Sofia’s 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Happy 1st Birthday Sofia!


Babies change so much in their 1st year and although those sleepless nights seem to go on forever that 1st year just seems to fly past.  Sitting, weaning, crawling and possibly even walking!  The first year of a baby’s life really is incredible and well worth capturing.

Which is why a 1st Birthday Photo Shoot is such a good idea and Sofia’s parents had the excellent idea of booking this session a few months ago to celebrate Sofia’s birthday and their 1st year as a family.  It was a fabulous session, very relaxed and good fun.  We started with family images and then moved on to images of Sofia with Mum, then Sofia with Dad and then Sofia on her own.

There were some lovely images and as always it is very hard to narrow down the selection but here are a few of Mum’s favourites:


For further information about Family or Baby Photo Shoots please contact Sarah.

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