Claire’s Pregnancy Photo Shoot


What can be more miraculous than the ability to grow another human being?  Our bodies are just truly amazing.  The changes they undergo during pregnancy and childbirth are incredible.

This is Claire’s second pregnancy and she wanted to capture this incredible time in her & her family’s life whilst they eagerly await the arrival of their new baby.  It’s an exciting time and my pregnancy shoots are peaceful, relaxed and enjoyable and a good excuse to get all glammed up!  (I can arrange for a hair & make up professional to attend for the ultimate pre-session pampering!)  The session can be just for Mum or they can include partners and children (if it isn’t a first pregnancy), the choice is entirely yours.

And, did you know that I offer Mini Pregnancy Photo Shoots exclusively to my Newborn Clients.  A 30 minute session providing you with 5 beautiful images for just £145!  But not for long – these are going to increase to £195 from 1st December 2018 so if you are expecting a baby and you would like further information about Mini Pregnancy and/or Newborn Photo Shoots please contact Sarah using the link below.


Maternity-photography-shoot-Hertfordshire-Essex-Cambs-Beds-North LondonBump-Photo-Shoot-Buntingford-Hertfordshire-Essex-Cambs-BedsPregnancy-photo-shoot-royston-hertford-stevenage-stansted-saffronwalden

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Country Style Moody Teens


We’re all familiar with Street Photography with it’s derelict buildings, dubious walkways and graffiti,  it’s the perfect setting to capture a bit of teen moodiness and rebellion.  Well living in a small village in East Herts your fortunately don’t come across many dubious walkways or graffiti so Street Photography is a little bit out of reach.  Yes our local town has a lovely high street, a car park and a path along the river but it’s certainly not moody or rebellious!

However, what we do have locally is lots of fabulous outdoor locations, fields, footpaths, buildings and farms and so my Country Style Moody Teens idea was born.  Street inspired outdoor country photos using old farm buildings, barns, walls that are passed their best, gates, trees.  Just stuff that we see everyday and take no notice of.  The tattier the better really.  Add some moody teens and we have a Moody Teen Outdoor Photo Shoot.

Obviously, permission is required if shooting on private property, as was the case for this photo shoot, however there are plenty of fabulous opportunities on public land too.  This is a selection of images taken one evening this summer in my village with 3 teenage brothers.  It was great fun.

Outdoor-teenage-photography-shoot-hertfordshire-essex-bedfordshire-cambridgeshireOutdoor-teens-photography-shoot-hertfordshire-essex-bedfordshire-cambridgeshireMoody-teens-location-photography-shoot-hertfordshire-essex-bedfordshire-cambridgeshireTeens-outdoor-location-photo-shoot-buntingford-hertfordshireTeenage-location-photography-shoot-hertfordshire-essex-bedfordshire-cambridgeshirerebellious-teenage-location-photography-shoot-hertfordshire-ukcountry-style-moody-teen-photo-shoot-derelict-farm-building-hertfordshireTeenage Photo Shoot HertfordshireTeenage Photography Sessions HertfordshireTeenage-sunset-photo-shoot-buntingford-hertfordshire

If moody and rebellious isn’t your teens style we can put a different spin on your country style teen photo shoot.  How about the day dreamer sitting under an enormous tree in the middle of a field with the sunlight filtering through the leaves just contemplating life or perhaps strolling through the middle of a field wearing your shooting gear or even a completely inappropriate prom dress and wellies!  The options are limitless.

I am enjoying the Moody Teen Sessions so much that I have decided to run a 25% OFF September Special Offer.

For further information on Moody Teens & Older Kids studio or location shoots please contact Sarah.

Leo’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash


“Happy 1st Birthday Leo”


Another fabulously fun cake smash.  What a gorgeous baby boy and fabulous family.  It was a pleasure to host a Cake Smash Photography Session to celebrate and capture this special milestone for Leo.

Did you know that a Portraits by Sarah Cake Smash has 3 parts?

Part 1 – The Birthday Portrait

We take a few minutes at the beginning of the session to capture a traditional birthday photo before the real “messy” fun begins.


We did get a head and shoulders image but I like this one better as its a bit more fun.

Part 2 – The Main Cake Smash Event

With a bespoke handmade giant cupcake in your chosen colour theme with balloons and decorations to match the fun begins.  We sit back and watch as the confidence grows and smashing commences!  Sometimes we assist, sometimes we are surplus to requirements but there is always fun, giggles and mess.

And just when you think they are finished, they change their minds and go for it big time!!

I would say that for pretty much every cake smash I have held we have managed to salvage some cake for the Clients to take home.  Every cake smash, except this one!  It was basically crumbs!  Good job Leo!!

Part 3 – The Bubble Bath

The Finale!

The bubble bath is optional but it’s a great way to clean up after all the messy cake smash fun.  It also has a calming and soothing effect on the babies and helps get them ready for a great sleep on the way home.  But mostly it provides some fabulous “splash photos” to add some variety to your gallery.


I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that I love a cake smash.  It’s a wonderful photography session and celebration of baby’s 1st birthday.  A memory for parents to treasure and precious images to share with your gorgeous baby when they are older.

For further information about Cake Smash Photography Sessions please contact Sarah.

A big thank you to The Cake Rooms for the gorgeous and obviously very tasty Giant Cupcake.

Welcome to the world Remii-Lorraine!


Introducing the beautiful baby Remii-Lorraine & her handsome big brother Chayce.  What a gorgeous family and wonderful Newborn photography session.

I do love a Newborn session with older siblings, it’s so heartwarming to see how proud they are to introduce me to their baby brother or sister.  I always start a Newborn & Sibling Session with a couple of family images, followed by sibling & newborn images.  These images can be the trickiest to capture, especially if the siblings are very young because they can get bored quite quickly which is why we get their photographs done first.  Big brother or sister will be the centre of my attention for those initial photographs and they will be made to feel very special and important.  After all, proud as they may be, we all know how tough it is for them to have to share Mum & Dad with their new baby brother or sister.

Once I am happy that I have a couple of family and sibling portraits I move onto the newborn photographs.  At this stage, big brother or sister’s job is done and they are free to have a snack, play with some toys, do some colouring or watch their ipad while I focus on baby.  Portraits by Sarah’s photography studio is very spacious with plenty of room for playing.  Chayce brought his colouring with him and drew me the most gorgeous rainbow picture.  It’s still on my desk and it makes me smile every time I see it 🙂

After the family and sibling images baby is usually ready for a feed and once he/she has had their fill I start their photos either on my beanbag with some lovely soft blanket backdrops or in a prop depending on whether he/she is asleep.  I aim to provide a gallery of images with at least two different blanket backdrops and 2 different props together with family & sibling images.  I work quite quickly during a Newborn and sibling session and we are usually finished in about 2.5 to 3 hours which I think is plenty long enough for the older sibling.

Please find following a selection of images from Remii-Lorraine’s Newborn Photography Session featuring “Big Brother Chayce”.  Beautiful children and a lovely family, I wish them fun and laughter always.


Family-portrait-photography-buntingford-hertfordshirenewborn-baby-and-big-brother-portrait-photography-hertfordshire-essexNewborn-photo-shoot-buntingford-stansted-saffron-walden-bishops-stortford-newborn-baby-photographer-buntingford-hertfordshire-essex-cambridgeshire-bedfordshirenewborn-photography-session-hertfordshire- essex-cambs-bedsChildren's-Portrait-Photography-Hertfordshire-Essex-Beds-Cambs


For further information about Newborn or Family photography sessions please contact Sarah.

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Welcome Daisy

Welcome baby Daisy – only 13 days new at her recent Newborn Photography Shoot.  Such a pretty name for such a beautiful baby girl.

It’s incredible how each baby is unique – different features, personality, flexibility, hunger & digestion!  That’s why no two newborn photography sessions are ever the same.  I have a starting plan and a workflow to ensure I capture the images Mum & Dad would like but it’s very fluid and changes to suit baby on that particular day.

One thing always happens though.  At some stage they go off to sleep, each and every one.  If they are reluctant to give in to sleep, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help them on their way and together with a little patience we always capture some gorgeous curled up sleepy newborn baby photographs.

Here are a few of my favourite images from Daisy’s newborn session.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For further information on Pregnancy, Newborn or Baby Photo Shoots please contact Sarah here.

Sophia’s Baby Photo Shoot


Beautiful Sophia was a star for her baby photo shoot at the end of April.  At just under 6 months she was the perfect age for a baby photography session.  It’s a great time to have your first family portrait taken.  Family portraits are priceless, something to treasure.  Yes we all take lots of snaps on our phones but invariably they stay on the phone, how many actually get printed and displayed, very few at most.  And of course someone is always behind the camera and therefore missing from the photo.

A professional family portrait will stay on your wall for generations to come.  As Mum to a teenager and pre-teen I know how fast time really does fly and those early years photos are such a precious memory.  However it’s not just for us parents, imagine how much this family photograph is going to mean to Sophia when she is older and then in turn for her children.  Do you remember looking at photographs of your Grandparents when you were a child?  How cool was that.  In an age of digital everything we risk losing those precious memories which is why taking time out for a Family Photo Shoot is so important.

It was a great session and here are a few of Sophia’s parents favourite images from their gallery.  Hopefully I will have the pleasure of doing another family portrait for them at some stage in the future.



For further information regarding Baby Photo Shoots please contact Sarah here.

A Family of Five on their Fifth Wedding Anniversary!


Baby number 3 arrived just in time to make this family 5 in number for their parents 5th wedding anniversary.  What a great reason to book a Newborn/Family Photo Shoot!

It was my pleasure to help this gorgeous family capture this special milestone.  Fabulous fun and what a photogenic bunch they are too.  Here are a few of their favourite images from the session:



Apologies for the image resolution for some reason the web size files are not looking too good.  I can assure you the prints look great!

For information about Newborn or Family Photo Shoots please contact Sarah here.



Sofia’s 1st Birthday Photo Shoot


Happy 1st Birthday Sofia!


Babies change so much in their 1st year and although those sleepless nights seem to go on forever that 1st year just seems to fly past.  Sitting, weaning, crawling and possibly even walking!  The first year of a baby’s life really is incredible and well worth capturing.

Which is why a 1st Birthday Photo Shoot is such a good idea and Sofia’s parents had the excellent idea of booking this session a few months ago to celebrate Sofia’s birthday and their 1st year as a family.  It was a fabulous session, very relaxed and good fun.  We started with family images and then moved on to images of Sofia with Mum, then Sofia with Dad and then Sofia on her own.

There were some lovely images and as always it is very hard to narrow down the selection but here are a few of Mum’s favourites:


For further information about Family or Baby Photo Shoots please contact Sarah.

Amelia’s Cake Smash


It was my pleasure to host a cake smash photo shoot to celebrate Amelia’s 1st year and what a lovely Cake Smash session it was too – lots of fun and lots of mess!  Just how a Cake Smash should be!

The pink & grey colour scheme is really pretty.  We opted for pom poms rather than balloons and I think they look great.  Amelia loved the rustling noise they made.  Actually it’s hard to tell where the pom pom ends and where the tutu starts in this photograph!


At some point the cake always comes off the stand – sometimes I take it off but other times…

I just love this sequence of photos – sometimes that extra stretch is just a little too much!

Every good celebration should include bubbles and Amelia’s Cake Smash was no exception.  She loved her tin bath bubble bath and had a good splash about before letting me know that it was session over”!”


A big thank you as always to Carly’s Cakes for the beautiful and delicious Giant Cupcake.

For further information about Cake Smash sessions please text “Cake Smash” to 07827 443960 or contact Sarah here.

Flower Pot Babies


I’m so excited to share one of the projects I’ve been working on with you…

“Flower pot Babies!”

It’s an idea I’ve had for a little while and I finally found the time to give it a try.  I’m so pleased with the outcome.  A big thank you to my gorgeous model who I assure you was not subjected to sitting in a flower pot in my greenhouse!  This is a composite image and she was safely seated in my studio the whole time.  A big thank you to her Mum too for being a good sport and bringing her along for her first modelling session.

I would like to make this a series and I already have the next photo in mind.  I’m looking for a baby boy for this one but there will be subsequent baby girl photos to come. So I will be looking for a few more “Baby models” over the next couple of months.  The babies will need to be able to sit unaided and have quite a chilled temperament please.  If you would like your baby to be considered please register your interest here.


Please share with anyone who you think may be interested, thank you.