Welcome Daisy

Welcome baby Daisy – only 13 days new at her recent Newborn Photography Shoot.  Such a pretty name for such a beautiful baby girl.

It’s incredible how each baby is unique – different features, personality, flexibility, hunger & digestion!  That’s why no two newborn photography sessions are ever the same.  I have a starting plan and a workflow to ensure I capture the images Mum & Dad would like but it’s very fluid and changes to suit baby on that particular day.

One thing always happens though.  At some stage they go off to sleep, each and every one.  If they are reluctant to give in to sleep, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help them on their way and together with a little patience we always capture some gorgeous curled up sleepy newborn baby photographs.

Here are a few of my favourite images from Daisy’s newborn session.


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Sophia’s Baby Photo Shoot


Beautiful Sophia was a star for her baby photo shoot at the end of April.  At just under 6 months she was the perfect age for a baby photography session.  It’s a great time to have your first family portrait taken.  Family portraits are priceless, something to treasure.  Yes we all take lots of snaps on our phones but invariably they stay on the phone, how many actually get printed and displayed, very few at most.  And of course someone is always behind the camera and therefore missing from the photo.

A professional family portrait will stay on your wall for generations to come.  As Mum to a teenager and pre-teen I know how fast time really does fly and those early years photos are such a precious memory.  However it’s not just for us parents, imagine how much this family photograph is going to mean to Sophia when she is older and then in turn for her children.  Do you remember looking at photographs of your Grandparents when you were a child?  How cool was that.  In an age of digital everything we risk losing those precious memories which is why taking time out for a Family Photo Shoot is so important.

It was a great session and here are a few of Sophia’s parents favourite images from their gallery.  Hopefully I will have the pleasure of doing another family portrait for them at some stage in the future.



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A Family of Five on their Fifth Wedding Anniversary!


Baby number 3 arrived just in time to make this family 5 in number for their parents 5th wedding anniversary.  What a great reason to book a Newborn/Family Photo Shoot!

It was my pleasure to help this gorgeous family capture this special milestone.  Fabulous fun and what a photogenic bunch they are too.  Here are a few of their favourite images from the session:



Apologies for the image resolution for some reason the web size files are not looking too good.  I can assure you the prints look great!

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Sofia’s 1st Birthday Photo Shoot


Happy 1st Birthday Sofia!


Babies change so much in their 1st year and although those sleepless nights seem to go on forever that 1st year just seems to fly past.  Sitting, weaning, crawling and possibly even walking!  The first year of a baby’s life really is incredible and well worth capturing.

Which is why a 1st Birthday Photo Shoot is such a good idea and Sofia’s parents had the excellent idea of booking this session a few months ago to celebrate Sofia’s birthday and their 1st year as a family.  It was a fabulous session, very relaxed and good fun.  We started with family images and then moved on to images of Sofia with Mum, then Sofia with Dad and then Sofia on her own.

There were some lovely images and as always it is very hard to narrow down the selection but here are a few of Mum’s favourites:


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Amelia’s Cake Smash

It was my pleasure to host a cake smash photo shoot to celebrate Amelia’s 1st year and what a lovely Cake Smash session it was too – lots of fun and lots of mess!  Just how a Cake Smash should be!

The pink & grey colour scheme is really pretty.  We opted for pom poms rather than balloons and I think they look great.  Amelia loved the rustling noise they made.  Actually it’s hard to tell where the pom pom ends and where the tutu starts in this photograph!


At some point the cake always comes off the stand – sometimes I take it off but other times…

I just love this sequence of photos – sometimes that extra stretch is just a little too much!

Every good celebration should include bubbles and Amelia’s Cake Smash was no exception.  She loved her tin bath bubble bath and had a good splash about before letting me know that it was session over”!”


A big thank you as always to Carly’s Cakes for the beautiful and delicious Giant Cupcake.

For further information about Cake Smash sessions please text “Cake Smash” to 07827 443960 or contact Sarah here.

Flower Pot Babies


I’m so excited to share one of the projects I’ve been working on with you…

“Flower pot Babies!”

It’s an idea I’ve had for a little while and I finally found the time to give it a try.  I’m so pleased with the outcome.  A big thank you to my gorgeous model who I assure you was not subjected to sitting in a flower pot in my greenhouse!  This is a composite image and she was safely seated in my studio the whole time.  A big thank you to her Mum too for being a good sport and bringing her along for her first modelling session.

I would like to make this a series and I already have the next photo in mind.  I’m looking for a baby boy for this one but there will be subsequent baby girl photos to come. So I will be looking for a few more “Baby models” over the next couple of months.  The babies will need to be able to sit unaided and have quite a chilled temperament please.  If you would like your baby to be considered please register your interest here.


Please share with anyone who you think may be interested, thank you.

Caitlin’s Newborn Photo Shoot


Welcome Baby Caitlin, little sister to Isla and Jess.

What a gorgeous family they are.

It was a pleasure to welcome these guys back to the studio for their third and final newborn session, such a lovely session.  Most of my sessions now are returning Clients or referrals and I really do appreciate your loyalty and support.  Hopefully I will see these lovely girls and their parents again in a few years time for a Family Photo Shoot.  In the meantime I wish them lots of fun and happy times together.


For further information about Newborn Photo Shoots please contact Sarah.

Moody Teens & Older Kids!


We all know that the moodiness starts way before their teens so this type of portrait session will also suit your older kids!

I will provide guidance on what to wear but ultimately it’s about your child/teen feeling comfortable in what they are wearing and how they look.  The session can be for an individual teen or child to mark a special occasion, milestone or just because.  It can also be for siblings which would include individual images of each child and a couple of images of all the siblings together.

The session is short and sweet – 30 to 45 mins for an individual teen/child or 45 to 60 mins for siblings.

These sessions are being released shortly and there will be a Half Price Introductory Offer for the first lucky few to book.

Register your interest, receive details of the Introductory Offer and a Priority Booking Invitation here.

Here’s a little taster of how your gallery might look

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I’ve opted to edit in colour for this gallery.  If your preference is black & white please view some black and white moody teen portraits here.

A big thank you to my wonderful models who were just awesome 🙂

Please feel free to contact Sarah if you have any queries.

Moody Teens!

Bespoke Moody Teens & Older Kids Photo Shoot

This is one of the projects I have been working on recently – Moody Teens!

What comes after the beautiful baby photos and the cheeky child portraits?  There seems to be a big gap when it comes to portraits of older children and teenagers, especially teenagers, who are all of a sudden very camera shy unless of course it’s for a selfie!

Hence the Moody Teen project!  It doesn’t have to be moody, if you have a smiley teen we should most definitely celebrate that too!  The moody refers more to the darker backdrop and lighting.  However if you do have a moody teen then this sort of photo shoot, where they can be themselves without any need to smile, might appeal to them.  (If you would like a smiley portrait too I’m sure we could negotiate “one or two photos for Mum before we take some moody photos that you are going to really like”…).

The images can be black and white, colour or a mixture of both.  We will discuss this in the pre-session consultation which I suggest your older child/teen is a part of, after all it’s all about them!  The sessions are suitable for teens and children from age 9 upwards, although a variation can be provided for children under 9 on request, and are available on Thursdays after school or Saturday mornings.  There will be limited availability so you will need to book early to secure your preferred session date.  I will be offering a 50% OFF Introductory Offer so make sure you register your interest below to receive details.

Please register my interest in Older Children & Teen Photo Shoots here to receive notification when the sessions are released for booking.



Breaking news!

How exciting is this – I submitted one of these portfolio images into the Monochrome category of The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers Image of the Month Competition in March 2018 and achieved Highly Commended!  Bearing in mind there are only 2 acknowledgements in The Societies Image of the Month competition, Gold & Highly Commended, and this was my first time trying out this lighting style I am over the moon!

A big thank you to my excellent models for being so awesome.



Also Coming Soon – Summer Evening Teenage Location Shoots

for ages 12 & over

Join the Summer Evening Teenage Location Shoot Mailing List to receive information about these exclusive sessions as soon as it becomes available.

Please feel free to contact Sarah with any queries.

Best Dressed Bumps!

Are you expecting a baby in 2018?  Are you thinking it’s time to stock up on some essential maternity wear?  Forever Amber’s blog post about creating a capsule maternity wardrobe for the 2nd trimester is worth a read.  I especially love the bellaband which enables you to keep wearing your regular jeans for a bit longer!  Amber got a lot of her maternity wear from H&M and Asos – both have a great range.

If you are planning a babymoon and don’t want to pack the earth then you might be interested in the Babymoon capsule wardrobe blog post.  It’s a couple of years old but the essentials don’t change really.

I’ve also compiled a little list of other maternity wear stockists that might be worth a browse.

Occasion Wear

Do you have a special occasion to go to this year?  Perhaps a wedding, summer ball, corporate event?  Have you checked out Tiffany Rose’s gorgeous maternity dresses?  With up to 40% off in their mid season sale it would be rude not to!

Tiffany Rose Mid Season Sale



Luxury Pieces

Why not treat yourself to a little bit of luxury and purchase something from Madderson London’s stunning maternity range.  Their clientele includes the Duchess of Cambridge, Katherine Jenkins and Zara Phillips.  I’m not surprised the range is gorgeous and oozes quality.  It’s a higher end price tag but you get what you pay for…

Madderson London | Maternity



Work & Casual Wear

Are you looking for some maternity wear inspiration for work and play?  Isabella Oliver are running their mid season sale at the moment too and they also offer styling tips and current maternity wear trend information.

Inspire Me!

Isabella Oliver Mid Season Sale





This pretty dress is from Seraphine and would be perfect for citybreaks and beach holidays alike.  I’m not sure about the heels though, I think I would be more inclined to pair it with some pretty flats or flip flops!  Seraphine are offering free delivery until 2nd April when you shop their new Spring collection.

Seraphine’s Spring Collection



Fashion Wear

For all you fashionistas, Boo Hoo are currently offering 25% off Dresses, Jumpsuits & Playsuits.  I absolutely love this green swing dress.  Versatile enough to go from day to evening.

25% Off @ boo hoo



Nursing Wear

If you are intending to breast feed you will need a few items of breastfeeding friendly clothes.  H&M seem to offer a good range of nursing wear & underwear.

Nursing Wear


Pinterest is always a great place to look for current trends and ideas.  If you are on Pinterest pop over and say Hi.  You can also check out my Maternity Wear boards – Bump Fashion; Bump Wedding; Little Black Bump Dress and Babymoon Fashion.

Once you have your maternity wardrobe sorted why don’t you treat yourself to a maternity photo shoot to show it off!  Contact Sarah for details of her Maternity Photo Shoots.

Oh and just a reminder to book your Newborn Photo Shoot in after your 20 week scan.